Saturday, January 22, 2011

Broken Heart - Where To Start ?

Healing a broken heart seems to take an amount of time proportional to the length of the relationship. Old folks often die within weeks or a few months of each other after many years of marriage - the most extreme cases of a broken heart.
If you've had a relationship that is only a few weeks old, chances are you may get over it quickly. But for those who have been in marriages and "serious" relationships that have gone wrong, it can be hard to mend a broken heart.
When two people become one couple, there's probably been a great deal of compromising that has gone on within that relationship to find a common ground where you both feel comfortable. All too often women lose their identities, and because we are caring, nurturing creatures naturally, we do tend to drop all the things we loved to do just so he will be happy.
Now get yourself a glass of wine or a cup of green tea, whatever, and write down a few things under the following headings:
Why I don't love him any more What I couldn't stand about him His annoying habits
And these are the most important ones:
What did I STOP doing that I used to love doing? Now I am single, what do I want to do?
List are great therapy and a lot cheaper than visiting a shrink. When you finish your lists - now be very careful and think hard about these things - you may be surprised and already feel liberated.
My goodness, I forgot that! I used to have so much fun surfing/knitting/working out/rock climbing whatever!
And "what I couldn't stand about him", I hope took more than one page! Leaving the toilet seat up, never putting the lids back on anything, he never cooked, never cleaned, watched what HE wanted to watch on TV. And perhaps he even stopped taking you out Miss Door Mat!
Are you clenching and unclenching your fists yet? Or do you just want to cry? Tears of sorrow? Tears of frustration? Tears of happiness I hope, because you need to get back to being the happy person you were before you met him.
Some men actually get a kick out of thinking that their exes are sitting at home tearing their hearts over them! You are better than that! Stop listening to all those dreary broken hearts songs too!
If you were in a relationship for any length of time, get out of the habits you got into then, they will only remind you and make you sad. If you used to go to the grocery store every day to pick up dinner for two, go to a different grocery store, or eat out with a friend instead. Carry outs for one are quick and cheap, you'll have time to rent a chick flick or one of the (many) movies he never wanted to watch. Just try not to make them sad movies, or you'll be back crying again. Lonely? Got to the animal shelter and adopt a lonely dog - he'll love you for it and will take you on long healthy walks too!
Change your habits, change your hair and treat yourself to a trip, or something you always wanted. You deserve it, and you can be totally selfish now you're on your own!
Still need help healing a broken heart? If you think you will never get over your ex, follow this link for some great help that will make you think single and enjoy YOU again

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