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My Love Letter

Omaigadd! Having a brother is the most annoying thing I ever had. It just like a nightmares you know? Shit! Can you just go to hell or somewhere else cuz world would be such a better place without you. Kbai.

Truthfully, Your elder sister.

My Life Would Suck Without You . . . . Fooooooddddd

Assalamu'alaikum. Hello my fellow reader. How are you? Hope it's all in good condition.

Hurm, honestly, do you agree with my statement? If yes, gimme five. Yeah! HAHA :D So for this post it's all about food okay. Ouh please make sure your mouth is closed. Otherwise your saliva will runs out quickly. Giggles!

And yes, this credit to MochaCafe & OhSoPictures. You can find a lot of fooooodd PICTURES there. Oh yes, you can check on mine too. Please click hereeee. And if you do have Tumblr account, you can follow me as well.

Me, Myself & Time.

When holidays end, schools started. And when the schools started, we got loads of homework. And yeah got the mid term results too. And know what? My mid term result is sucks!
I admit, that's my fault. Not the teachers or the papers. Haha. And yes, Add Maths Project has arrived. Gonna struggling for that silly things starting now cuz the dateline is on 15th July 2011. OMG! I wish i could manage to finish it on time.
Talk about the result, hey, how's your? Mine? Urghh. Better don't ask. Now we're on June. There's just another 5 months to go. And better yet, I still can't get the better marks. Oh shit! I still can't recover from my laziness disease. O gosh!
Before I forget, as the results cuz Terengganu won the Piala FA and Sukma *am I right?* so, this coming Sunday Terengganu will be on leave. Oh yeah, holiday! Haha. But it's only for one day darl. But at least, it's just okay. No school. Pity for the Red Warriors *special dedicated to Tok Bey* Ops, sorr…

Just something about the past.

Hey readers :)

About the last vacation :

Sleeping, Eating, Bowling, Hiking.

At Metro Kajang ♥

OMG! Me? Bowling? Naah.

Hiking? Sorry, I didn't have the picture.

P/s : Lost what to story.
Love ♥