Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Post, Not Yours.

Ouh hi readers :) Long time no post anything in here. I'm just too busy to-not-posting-anything. Muehehe. Sorry.

So yesterday I met this guy on YM. He's from Kelantan and currently schooling at MRSM err, I forgot where the place is. Okay, MRSM Kepala Batas. Let's make it short, HE'S GOT 6A's ON HIS PREVIOUS EXAM. Huh! Envy him so damn much lol. No wonder he put 'Enstein' at the end of his name. But unfortunately, I can't talk to him much cuz the internet was closed. And it just like derr, I can't even have another extra time to find any points for my essays and ask him more questions! And yes, the word essays have a 'S' on it. And I'm surely be dead by today, but guess what? Nevermind.

Ramadhan is coming soon. Have you done qada' the puasa? I'm done! Haha. And next month it's gonna be the trial for SPM examination 2011. And hell yeah, I'm not sure what I should feel right now.

P/s : 21st July 2011. Such an unforgetable date. Aku lelah macam nak mati. Kbai.

Much love,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Wearing 'Bawal' For The Whole Week.

Assalamu'alaikum. Hi fellow reader. See the tittle? Aha. Let's start the conversation :D

Okay, went to pasar malam yesterday. Saw my schoolmates. And suddenly I was laughing alone. The way they dressed like going to KL. Belit sana, belit sini. Sampai terbelit belit kot. Tengok aku, chill jea pakai bawal. Tak sentuh pown tudung belit belit aku tuu. See? Hahah. 

P/s : Kalo setakat nak pergi pasar malam tak payah lah dressup macam nak pergi jalan kat red carpet. Kalo geng kao tengok memang r puji lawa bagai. Kalo aku yang tengok. Maunyer tergolek golek aku gelakkan kao. Tapi aku tak buat r, malu la kao nanty. Aku pown ader hati perasaan jugak. Got it sis?  Muah siket. Haha.


Monday, July 4, 2011

1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia

Hey dudes and babes. Greetings :) How's ya doing? It's been long time since the last entry. Miss me already? Bhahaha. Sorry, I'm too busy tweeting :D

Aha, did you went to the larian? I've been shoo excited y'know? HAHA. For the first time in my whole life :P Feels like going to Taylor Swift's concert. Lol.

First of all, sorry. I didn't took any pictures. Yes, I brought the camera but not taking any picture. It just like . . . Naah, nevermind. While others soo busy taking pictures, I'm just look at the trees, listening to the old song played by err I don't know who she is. But the songs, urghh SUCKS! I wonder how they could liked it so damn much. Duh. PUH-LEASEE. 

P/s : Dear PM, could you do it once again? Haha. Kbai. Nanty aku kene kecam pulak ;D