Monday, February 13, 2012


Erm, these days was soo boring. I dont know what to do except for makan tido makan tido. Hahaha. Im jobless. Okay, I know that. So all I can do is just reading, tweeting and eating. So, for reading, I just finished reaad two books titled LIPSTICK JUNGLE by CANDACE BUSHNELL and HOT MESS : SUMMER IN THE CITY by JULIE KRAUT & SHALLON LESTER. Wanna know something? I only found one 'JUNGLE' in the LJ book. Okay wrong, two. One in the title itself and another on the last page of the story. Erm, it sounds like "Hey, its like jungle out there." "No, it's a lipstick jungle." Yeah, something like that. Urgh! I know you're just like "What is she talked about?" 'SHE' is referring to me. Just read it if you wanna know more. Hehe. And for the Hot Mess, it's quite interesting. The story take place in New York City. About a girl, Emma, and her bestfriend, Rachel and their's landlady, Jayla. Full with dating-series. Okay, read it for yourself. Im not gonna tell you the whole synopsis. Jangan marah :)

P/s : Random ;)

Love, myra.