Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Hope? Well, It's A Ribbon. . . Hope:)

Last hope? I dont think I have any. . . At least for now. My life have been super duper miserable since that day. You dont have any idea how much I feel. My heart shattered to pieces. Only I dont show it except to myself. I kinda hate that feeling. I just can't stop thinking about you.  Maybe Im not good enough to be your friend. 

Now, you've put a thick wall between us. And Im not allowed to get pass through it. All I can do now is just stalk you everytime Im on Net. Read all your post. Knowing that you wrote those already make my day. Weird isn't? Haha. Im a weirdo. I know that.

Me and you, we're just like the intercept line. We meets once and drift apart forever. Pretty sad huh? I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day. But believe me this when I say, You're the best part of my life :)

Do you remember, flashback to when we said forever and always? I bet you'll never remember what I'll never forget. Im not hoping onto anything. I've hurts more than once. And now Im speechless. Till then.

P/s : I miss you right now! It's like a part of me has been lost. But I cant do anything cuz in my absence you found your happiness.

Love, Myra.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reunion :)

1 week 2 events triple fun! Haha. And its all about gathering with ex-classmates. Gathering together. Yes! Reunion! :)

Like seriously I dont have have much to say. The first one are with my science stream member. Eventhough not all coming. Held at KFC Dungun. Went there with Biby, the suggies lover. Haha. Had a special moments there. Plus Biby's brought her DSLR and they all start to posing and blocked other people's way. Im not into this posing thing actually. So I just sit and enjoy my meal and SMILEEE. Here'a are some pictures.

1, 2, 3, Click! Click! Click!

Okay, aku and Biby :P

Biby and Ridzuan :)

Second, with my classmates from 3 AMANAH! O gosh! The food, the people, its AWH-SOME! We had our 'ayam panggang' there. Er, it is? And fried rice that so delicious! Ehehe. Went there with Yatie and Nabil. That crazy silly Nabil. I just cant stop laughing when around him. But, Im just a lil bit bored. It is because that Im not helped them much. Actually, Im not helping at all. All I do is stare, answer when someone asked, laugh when somebody makes fun and it just that. Simple simply lazy me. Wahaha. Sorry guys! Oh yea! This one was held at Pantai Teluk Lipat, Dungun. In front of UiTM Dungun. On last 6th April.

Okay lah. My English had started to berterabur. Till then. Take care. Kbai.

Love, Myra.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

F*ck UPU

UPU. O gosh! Luckily I managed to settle down with it before the close date. So complicated and entah hape hape. If my application is being rejected *yeah I know, because of my result*, I dont know what else to say lah kan? Haha.

Love, Myra.

I Dont Know What On My Mind

When I think back of what I've said before I just feel like "what the heck Im saying that?". It just too much of something that not-so-important. Something that no one care. Something that should be keep untold. Like seriously, what past is past. Im nobody to turn back time. But whatever it is, life must go on. We cant think it too much. Or else it will haunting you all the time. Let it just be the memories. Although it's not the sweet one LOL. Trust nobody except yourself and the Creator. Spread love everywhere. Hate no one. Im just so sorry for that stupid entry. Take care!

Love, Myra.