Monday, April 16, 2012

Reunion :)

1 week 2 events triple fun! Haha. And its all about gathering with ex-classmates. Gathering together. Yes! Reunion! :)

Like seriously I dont have have much to say. The first one are with my science stream member. Eventhough not all coming. Held at KFC Dungun. Went there with Biby, the suggies lover. Haha. Had a special moments there. Plus Biby's brought her DSLR and they all start to posing and blocked other people's way. Im not into this posing thing actually. So I just sit and enjoy my meal and SMILEEE. Here'a are some pictures.

1, 2, 3, Click! Click! Click!

Okay, aku and Biby :P

Biby and Ridzuan :)

Second, with my classmates from 3 AMANAH! O gosh! The food, the people, its AWH-SOME! We had our 'ayam panggang' there. Er, it is? And fried rice that so delicious! Ehehe. Went there with Yatie and Nabil. That crazy silly Nabil. I just cant stop laughing when around him. But, Im just a lil bit bored. It is because that Im not helped them much. Actually, Im not helping at all. All I do is stare, answer when someone asked, laugh when somebody makes fun and it just that. Simple simply lazy me. Wahaha. Sorry guys! Oh yea! This one was held at Pantai Teluk Lipat, Dungun. In front of UiTM Dungun. On last 6th April.

Okay lah. My English had started to berterabur. Till then. Take care. Kbai.

Love, Myra.