Friday, June 1, 2012

Cry Me Out

Hi. Assalamu'alaikum. For your information, 25th May was the last night for us. It was the last time I can see her, I can touch her, laugh with her, hangout together, talked everything from the war, gossips and even politics! Lepaks at Watsons for hour without buying anything. Go to the night market every single week! Now, its all had become a memory. A nice one I guess. On last 28th May, she'd officially become a Perlis Matriculation's student.

Idk what I feels right now. Just so you know, Im crying. Haha. Just imagine? Aku tak pernah pernah menangis pun sebelum ni. Tup tup, I just cant hold it much longer. Konon taknak nanges depan dia, last last terkeluar jugak. Like seriously, aku jarang nanges depan orang. So rare! So awkward. Tak tau nak sorok muka mana.

But, she's the best friend ever. I still remembered my 1st day at SMK B'Best. She's the first who approached me. She's my first friend! Never though yang aku akan melekat dengan dia sampai macam ni sekali. Walaupun, form 4 & 5 we're not longer in the same class, kitorang still rapat gilaaa. Dekat night market tu memang dah cop muka kitorang. Jalan due orang, pegang tangan, pusing 1 pasar malam, masuk semua kedai. That's our routine. memang takkan missed every week. Now, nampaknya kena lah aku pergi sensorang pulak.

And yesterday, I went to her house, then rasa lain macam. Yelaa, dah Yatie takdaaaa! ==' But guessed what, apa yang aku dapat? CHOCOLATES! She knows that I would never say no to chocs. Haha. That's why I love her. K nanti letak gambar choc pulak :D