Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Task's Done

You’ll have to cry me out. You’ll have to cry me out. The tears that'll fall. Mean nothing at all. It’s time to get over yourself. Baby, you ain’t all that. Baby, there’s no way back. You can keep talking. But baby, I’m walking away.

Actually that lyric takde kene mengene pun dengan post aku, just kebetulan Im listening to this song when I wrote this. Muehehe.

So, Borang Jawapan Politeknik sudah selamat dihantar pukul 3 tadi. Like seriously, the heck ape lah aku g hantar pukul 3? Surat kutip on 12 everyday except weekend. Aite? So, hantar time tadi pun rasa macam useless je. Er =='

Offer letter

This one mama tulis, bukan aku. Hehe.