Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Computer Hardware Part I ♥

Um, Hi! Whatca doin? Sehat? Me? Not feeling so well.

Em, today act was the worst day ever. Computer Hardware class. With Encik Sufian. K. I admit, memang salah aku. Memang aku pemalas gila babi nak baca segala macam jadah tu. Harini ada peer assessment. So, the marks is given by our friends, not the lect. Okay, that part boleh tahan. But, part yang takleh tahan tu bila AKU ORANG PERTAMA YANG KENA PRESENT. Since lecturer tu takde list name, dia panggil just based on number matrix jela. So, my number is 1050. Erm, rasanya macam agak sial sikit aku harini. Just imagine? Aku orang pertama? Memang tak masuk akal. Mampus aku.

So, in front. Pick 2 pieces of paper where the question contained in it. what didi I got is : MONITOR. The instructions is simple. You talk, you get marks. In 2 minutes time. But I just err, stand still and not talking. Stand like a dumbass infront the class. I just dont know what to say. Thus, I didnt revise anything. So, a bit difficult for me.