Friday, November 9, 2012

Makan Malam Himpunan Semester Akhir JTMK ♥

Haiiiii. Jumpa lagi kita dekat sinii! So, this time pasal event :) Namanya seperti tertera di atas. Well, I kinda busy a bit about this event. Um, not-so-busy actually. Just a little bit afraid and. . . . nervous. Fuuuuuuu~ Idk why. Inviting all the lecturers seems hard to me. Since I dont have the right communicatin skills so Im just like "arrrrrrrrghhhhh! Gasak ah ape nak jadi!". See? Hahaha.

So, just pictures. Till we met soon. Daaa~

*Idk why, I just loveee this picture so much! <3

*Aemy, Me :)

 *Receptionist? Oh myyyyy~


 *Back then is E-ein. Say HI to her! :)

*Uh oh, hi. This is Abg Jemey :)

Love, Myra