Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4th March TwentyThirteen

"Keep giving me hope for a better day, 
Keep giving me love to find a way, Through this heaviness I feel, I just need someone to say, everything's okay. ."
Ahhhh. Glad to say that Im now officially 19. Weel, Im a grown up woman now. Haha. Lol! Special thanks to the first person who wished my birthday :) Rasa macam nak bagi award pulak. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. For those yang text, twitterrrr and jerit pun dikira. Even yang tanya "birthday awak ke?" pun diterima. Eh, kenapa takda kat fb? Hahahahahahaha. Saje. Memang dah lama hide. Saje nak tengok siapa yang ingat aku and siapa yang. . . . . . . .tak. 

Oho, may Allah bless us all. Till then.

P/s: Thanks for the present! Or, presents? Muehehehe. Gula gula baby tinggal lagi berapa biji jew. Onomnom :D

Love, Me.