Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There's a boy in my mind these days. The one that I used to hurm. . . love. Back then. But now, I want to forget him. Get rid of him completely from my life. . .my mind. . . And of course. . . . . . my heart.

Well, there's no love anymore. Even to be friend, I dont feels like to do it. Let it be just like this. More better. But read all the tweets that his sister broadcast makes me like ummm. . .he's still on my TL. So by that, I think I'm gonna unfollow her as well. So, I wont, at least know single thing bout him.

I disgust with myself. That's why Im doing this. This is not anybody's fault. This is MY fault. I ruin everything. And I dont feel like fixing anything.

Biarlah. Dah penat.