Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey Yaaa :)

Haiiiii! Salam AidilAdha! Hihi :3

Wuhuuuuuuu! Guess what? I got new brotherrr!! His name is Danish Adha! Whoaaaaa! Got no chance to see him yet. Oh. Well. It's not my mom. It's my neighbour's son. Haha. But still, I dont care. He's still my brother. Muahahahaha xD

The final exam is just around the corner. With all this raya stuff, I dont think that I will open all those books to study. Well me. LOL!

Hurmmm. I'm thinking bout resting my phone for few days. Just in case to know who might missed me. Eh? Haha. Jk =P Who knows, I might be a lil bit rajin for this upcoming exam? Haha. I dont think so even the electricity went down. And cant be on the net for ever. I will still procrastinate. Oh my myyy =.="

Oh. I guess that's all. May we meet again on the next post.................perhaps? Goodnights earthlings. Happy Eid-ul Adha. Much love :*