Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big Bad Wolf!

Hiii! Im broadcasting live from the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair at the MIECC! Haha. Lol jk. This is my first time to BBW and Im soooo EXCITED! Went there with baby boo and her friend, Farah. Even berjalan dari KTM ke convention centre agak kepenatan. Aku lelah jap. HAHA. Tapi bila tengok all the booksI just like whoaaaaaa! I want all of em like seriously. Unfortunately, *chek in money in the wallet* *sigh* mampu tengok je dahulu. I am so despondent. Hurm hurm. So since duit tak ada kan, I just managed to grabbed theseeeee cuz I dont want to go back home with my bare hands while others go back home with tons of books.

So yeahh. Book hunting Part I only two books. That's already costs me RM18. Not forget to mention, the transportation cost, lunchie! Wuwuwu. Nanges tengok dompet sendiri. Nak pergi kerja cemana? Huks! Y.Y

So yeay, itu sahaja. Looking forward for book hunting Part II! Cant wait! :D

P/s: Kak Ina menganjing bout the French Kissing. And Im just like "aaaaaaaaaa, biarlah orang nak beli apa punnnn! Haha xD