Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Hunting Part II

14th December! Whoaaaaa! Week after the Book Hunting Part I! It is the last two day guys! Follow up the BBW Official Page on Facebook and I am so damn jealous with the new restock books! Like fuuuuuuuuuuuu IT'S NOT THERE THE LAST TIME I WENT TO! Gawd, I can die due to heart attack. The books are so tempting! I want it so badly. Hum hum. So, this this I managed to grabbed like ummm,  5 books? Aha. It costs me RM48 but Umi belanja RM10 and yay me! RM38 like HAHAHAHA. K. It's 40. And Im broke. Fuh =,='

Saw Edward there and I just picked the book without any hesitation! Haha. Opsie! It's Robert not Edward. K. Haha. End of the book hunting story. Gonna continue another story in next post! Daa xD