Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lulz XP

24022014. I will remember this date forever. Hahahaha. Went out for dinner yesterday at KFC PKNS Bangi. Wuuuuuuuuuuu. The smells of chicken are so tempting. Plus, Im hunggry too. Huks. Pergilah order dengan Umi, Aisyah and baby boo. And guess what, I saw someone whom is really look alike .................Abang Shaz. Wohahahahaha. Im just like aaaaaaaaaaaaa. Is it him? Is it him? Or is it not him? Oh. Maybe pelanduk dua serupa. Oh no no. It must be him. Take orders, pay for the foods and zuppppp. . . . . . . . .duduk. . . . .  .cari phone dalam poket seluar. Text him. Waiting patiently and YESSSSSSSSS! "Abg kat pkns bangi". That one message that makes my heart raced. HAHA. Well, never see him since I was in Standard 6! And now I'm already ** years old. How time flies. Even aku pun tak sure dia yang mana satu dulu. Cuz Im so shy and not interested to get know others faci except my group. Uhuks.