Friday, May 2, 2014

Hi. Lets? :)

Someone has just asked me for a vacation at Pulau Perhentian! Wohahaha. This is so exciting!! Cuz the only pulau that Ive ever been to just Pulau Pinang. Yes. Pulau Pinang. Ahaha. So it ll cost me like RM350++

The point now isssss, how to get the moneyy? I cant just simply ask Mama like "Ma, nak RM450 boleh? Nak pergi Perhentian. Kawan ajak." Zzz. I ll be dead meat before I can finish the sentence. Jadah apa lah kan kita yang nak berjimba, pastu minta duit dengan mak. Memanggggg......nak makan penampar *sigh* Maybe I should go out and search for a part time job. Maybe. Ehe :3

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