Thursday, January 8, 2015


lepas satu, satu. i kinda do not know now how to live like a normal person. heh. dahlah tak dapat baucer buku (maaf masih belum boleh move on). wait, satu tu jeke yang buat aku sedih sekarang ni? ahaha. lol. well, good thing! i got a new phone! well it's not original one. AP set jewww. that full with chinese word. wuuu. i can die liddis T.T but still tak kesah ponnn. ahahaha. lulz. oh, sad thing number 2: i just knew that we can only register one number for one device for Whatsapp application. hurmmm. baru nak acah acah boleh dapat notification on both phone! lol. sayangnya all the conversations. habis macamtu je. i dont remember if i already make a backup. hurm.

P/s: it is lot easier to write. but hella hard to pick a tittle. so i just left it untittle.