Tuesday, February 17, 2015

*tears with joy*

this is um, the last batch book added to my collection. err i guess not really the last one tho. maybe the second last. i cant promise *sigh*

well thank you Mr Fadlee! its really easy, and fun dealing with you! will look forward to buy more. muehehe. (eventhough ive asked him to reserved 3 books for me now. oh my god. how am i supposed to pay?) *sigh*

ive been searching for the perks of being a wallflower for so long! aha. gladly managed to booked it before anyone else does. phew. and the other two....um....i bought it by accident. ahahaha. the one one the middle, never heard abot it before. so i search for it on Goodreads, and surprisingly, it has a good review! maksudnya, semua pun macam cakap "whoaa, this book are great" etc etc something like that ah. ahahha.

and about A Book of Horrors, hurm. i just like horror books. i just dont know why. and i just pick it up and then yeah. wohahahaha. i guess i really need to update my tbr & wishlist post. i just malas y'know malas?

and i really really really need to stop buying books right now. i just really need to stop. i need to distract myself with other things. the problem is, what? what thing? urgh.

haih apetah merepek. till then. bye :)

P/s: my John Green's collection almost perfect! i may say. the last book i need for my collection to be complete is Let It Snow. phew. but dont worry. ive figured it out. and maybe im gonna post about it next week. bye! :D