Sunday, August 30, 2015

iggy the hedgehog

did you remember this? ive blogged about it before. its on my raya wishlist (acacah). and actually ive already bought it about um...3 metre only. since its quite pricey if im about to buy it by roll. but guess what?! ive found another seller that sell it wayyyyyy too cheap from the ones that i bought before! if im not mistaken, the price is RM12 per roll (exclude postage). and it also has a name! its name is IGGY! IGGY THE HEDGEHOG! *screaming*

i need to buy this. i really really really really want it. but dont have money *cry*.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

it must feels good kan to be the first in everything? i seriously dont have any idea that tarikh korang ni sebelah sebelah je. and it must feels good jugak kan jadi important person ni? lucky you. maybe i shouldn't say and do anyrhing in the first place. because yesterday i feel just fine. and today i feel like rubbish. feel like a stupid. compared to you who did just fine every single time, every single day. i feel really really stupid. and mad. and sad. how i wish now that my present doesnt reach you. because i just cant accept the fact that no matter what i do, i will never be your important ones. never be anything. never.

because 'good' is nowhere to be found

idk why u feels like you're being mean to me. kalau tak suka, boleh cakap. ni first meeting je dah cakap menyampah. do you really menyampah dekat i ni? like seriously? oh wow. i pendam je since it's your day and i dont want to ruined it. can you at least treat me like a human can ah? jsyk, bila your text masuk, i was like menggigil yknow? jadi nervous tah kenapa tah tetibe. i am scared. just by looking at your name. hm.

harini hari sakit perut. every 2 hour berkejar pergi toilet sebab cirit birit. sebab seminggu straight makan megi. i guessed thats the reason why. and since tak tahan plus takut cirit lagi, i decided to bought kuey teow sup dekat simpang sekolah amna yang entahlah berapa harga dia. dengan rasa yang tahpape tu haih. and after a week jugak tak nangis, harini air mata tetibe pulak keluar. laju pulak tu. handkerchiefs dua dua basah. aish. what a day.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015