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just because today happen once in 4 years, so i decided "i need to post something lol"

Monday, February 29, 2016 @ February 29, 2016 | 0 Comment [s]

today is not a good day for me. from start to the end (almost). so This morning i went to the post office. to renew my license. the fxckin number machine is out of service and hurmmm k dah takleh speaking. tak jumpa words. soo, machine number tu rosak, and kene beratur (not really beratur. duduk and anjak anjak kerusi ke depan bila orang kat kaunter dah siap). since i dont know that, ive been sitting at the same spot for like idk 10 minutes? or 15? the empty spot beside me is taken by someone else. because im just that lazy to change my seat every 5 minutes. tak kesah sangat pun sebenarnya. but the queue remains the same from since i came until i left! what makes me angry is when, ada orang lain datang (the person after me), and then terus sit at front so that they can settle cepat. aku rasa macam dah nak carut kot. im not an opportunist i admit. i just dont know how. so, aku just biarkan diorang diorang yang datang kemudian tu potong queue, and aku pun terus keluar. dengan niat "esok esok lah pulak datang". i still got some times left.
things that ive planned yesterday, to be done by today......none of it accomplish. instead, id go shopping for food, and now all my money is gone. my license renewal fees also gone. i can cry liddis  need to withdraw some more tomorrow. sigh.
oh yeah. last but not least. brace yourself! march is coming!
goodnight! xoxo

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