Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dear March,
Some windows need to be closed. Some doors need to be locked. Some parts of life need to be let go off. You can remind me of these when I forget. Walk with me on this journey of renewal and forgiving. Of self-examination and humility. Of saying “no” to some things and “yes” to others. I want to embrace my humanness and all that it stands for. I want to learn how to. I want to be brave again. Be brave enough to wear honesty like it’s part of my skin and to unshackle anything that’s anchoring me down. Be brave enough to put on wings and search for areas that need to grow. Be brave enough to face the world and all of its ugly because I know deep down, it’s trying to grow too, like me. And sometimes, that is easy to forget. It’s easy to see all the dark and monstrous, and to blame the world for all the bitterness and hurt. Often, it’s harder to see the beauty and grace, to forgive the mistakes, and to remain open and soft. I want to be less blind and rigid. We can get there, dear March. We can start again and be a little more brave and honest. Be a bit more loving.

cr: nostalgicjoy