Wednesday, April 5, 2017


dangsin gadeon gireul gaman georeobwasseo
naege gateun uimiilji gunggeumhaeseo
dasi maeumi chuwojineun bami omyeon
moreul ne gamjeong gataseo
mundeuk naccseon ne gyeoteul dorabwa
ne yeopui na nareul chaenggineun neo
jeomjeom iksukhaejyeoganeun
uri maeumcheoreom
jal geuryeojijiga anha
jageun hanmadie heundeullineun
nareul jabajuneun neoraseo
modeun ge seotun nal
ttaseuhi daehaejun neo
cheoeumira eorisukhan nal
anajun neoraseo
nan dasi meonghaejyeo
meonjiga anjneunda
dasi meonjiga ssahinda
amudo giusgeoriji anhneun
nae mame meonjiga anjneunda
apman bomyeo dallyeoodeon nal
jabajun nal talmeun neo
nega yeope isseo mami nohyeo
neoui usneun moseube nado usgo mara
ganeun gire gidaegami
oneun gire heojeonhami
deo orae bogo sipeo
cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi
neoui gin geurimjado anajugopa
gapjagi nae ane deureowa
bap meokjadeon geu naccseon moreul siseone
nan ppajyeodeureo

English translation
I walked on the road you used to walk on
Because I was curious to see if it meant the same to me
The nighttime when the heart grows cold again
Seems like your emotions that I don’t know of

I look at my side that suddenly feels strange
I’m next to you and you’re caring for me
Just like our hearts that we’re becoming more used to
I can’t seem to draw it out

Because you held onto me, who shakes with the littlest words
You treated me warmly when I was clumsy with everything
You held me when I was being foolish because it was my first time

I drawing a blank again
Dust is settling
Dust is building up again

No one is in my heart
Dust is settling

Days when I only looked forward and ran
You held onto me, who resembled you

My heart was able to rest because I Was next to you
I smiled when you smiled

On the way to you, there was excitement
On the way back, there was emptiness

I want to see you longer
Slowly, slowly
I wanna hug even your long shadow
I wanna embrace you
I wanna hug you

You suddenly came inside of me
Asking me to eat with you
I fell for that unfamiliar, unknown look